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Rivet Grrl International
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Community Rules

1. Be nice...however, don't let people step all over you for something you post. That goes both ways. My biggest pet peeve is whenever people walk all over others and the poster never stands up for themselves.

2. Talk about whatever the HELL U WANT...but try to stick to music, fashion, gabber, clothes, friends, blah blah blah.

3. This is a NO BASHING community. Don't come here to bash others' communities or other LJ users.

4. I ask everyone to join my rivet_grrl_international group on yahoo by clicking on the link below...

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5. I invite others to advertise newly formed communities on here (I am not gripey like some moderators...ahem...) but I only want those communties posted in here to be about industrial scene, music, fashion, blah blah. You get the point.

6. If u have any questions, email me at

here are some buttons to link my community...
make sure that if u link you copy the code


the button and replace the parenthesis ( and ) with brackets < and > or it won't work. I had to make it ghetto-fied because i well..forgot the html code to put the source code in a nifty box...

(a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/rivet_grrl")(IMG SRC=http://www.industrialdeathrock.com/cgi-bin/pod.pl?view_jpg+pixzip/deconstructed_dolly/10343801311.jpg)(/a)

(a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/rivet_grrl")(IMG SRC=http://www.industrialdeathrock.com/cgi-bin/pod.pl?view_jpg+pixzip/deconstructed_dolly/10343801310.jpg)(/a)

(a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/rivet_grrl")(IMG SRC=http://www.industrialdeathrock.com/cgi-bin/pod.pl?view_jpg+pixzip/deconstructed_dolly/10343801313.jpg)(/a)